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Madison Valley is a small Midwestern town, snuggled in the hills of the Ohio River Valley. Peaceful and calm, it is the kind of place people move to raise their children, or where people retire to find peace away from the big city. It is a place devoid of crime, where doors are left unlocked and everyone knows everyone else.

Only lately, something strange has happened to Madison Valley. The natives have found themselves unable to leave the town, and strange people have been arriving - people formerly thought to be fictional.

The only possible explanation put forth by the townspeople is that the possible testing of strange and experimental weapons at the Army Proving Ground to the north of town has somehow put the town at the middle of a dimensional nexus from which people from all different times and all different universes are drawn.

While the citizens of Madison Valley were at first welcoming, fear has begun to spread in the hearts of the natives. The strange people arriving - with their odd faces and their terrifying powers - have caused the City Council to crack down on the Refugees, demanding a registry, blood samples for employment, and other draconian requirements. The refugees must decide whether they will try to live 'under the table' or whether to give in to the city's terrifying demands.

Some have given in, found jobs, and made themselves relatively comfortable.

Some have found jobs that agree with the resistance, and refuse to report them.

Some have tried to scrape by without working at all.

But all - refugees and townspeople alike - have in common the strange situation in which they find themselves, and the desire to find a way out...

Will it be enough to overcome their differences?


FANDOMS REPRESENTED - After the Fear, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DC Comics, Doctor Who, The Ending, Fantastic Four, Glee, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, The Infernal Devices, Les Misérables, Leverage, Lost Girl, MCU, NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Percy Jackson, Pretty Little Liars, Primeval, Primeval: New World, Rogue Angel, The Ruby Red Trilogy, The Secret Circle, Sleepless, Smallville, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, True Blood/tSVM, Vampire Academy, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, White Collar, X-Men, Young Avengers.

Strange and obscure fandoms welcome!

We are an active and creative group and would love to see you there!

GAME STARTED JULY 14. Join us today!

yuletide recs

I posted 21 recs in 15 fandoms over at yuletide_recs

Fandoms are: Addams Family, Ash, BSC, Breakfast Club, Cinderella, Disney, Middleman, Now You See Me, Ocean's movies, Olympus Has Fallen, OitNB, Push, Sky High, Westing Game, and X-Men RPF

And if nothing else, I need to rec the fabulous story I received which is She Likes The Way You Sing and is a Now You See Me/Leverage crossover where Henley and Parker are childhood friends. It hits every single one of my buttons and I cannot wait to find out who my author is :)

Also, I wrote four full length stories and one Madness treat. If you'd like to guess what they are, PM me. If you guess right, I'll write you something in the new year. 1 was a movie fandom, 3 are TV fandoms, and 1 is a "five-minute Yuletide fandom".


Veronica Mars icons

25 Veronica Mars icons for tvcrush20in20

*Feel free to use
*Credit is nice
*Comments are awesome

Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guyCollapse )

H/C Bingo

My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

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30 icons [Orange is the New Black]

20 for tvcrush20in20
5 for tvdramaland icon flash

As always, feel free to use them! Credit is nice but comments are awesome.

I believe in Nate SilverCollapse )
Title: It's the Perfect Blendship
Author: [personal profile] jenbug
Fandom: Leverage/White Collar
Characters: Leverage Team plus Neal, Mozzie, and June from White Collar
Spoilers: nothing explicit for either show if you know the basic concepts
Summary: Parker's got the perfect solution to a problem the Leverage gang is having setting up one of their jobs.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,340
Note: I had a super shitty day and I promised [personal profile] dontwantmeback that I'd write her some fic. This also fills the "AU: Crossover" square on my [community profile] trope_bingo card.

I saw a mockingbird and it didn"t singCollapse )

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Icons [Bones, Gossip Girl, White Collar]

12 Bones icons (8x14 - The Doll in the Derby)
5 Gossip Girl icons (S1 Dan Humphrey)
18 White Collar icons (various - for whitecollaric)

Feel free to use
Credit is nice
Comments are love
I promise I won"t impersonate an FBI agentCollapse )
20 icons for inspired20in20
5 each for Avengers, Leverage, White Collar and Firefly

As always, you are welcome to use the icons. Credit is nice. Comments are love.

This month's theme was Bingo. I chose Card #4. Inspirations are listed above the icon.

I swear by my pretty floral bonnetCollapse )

28 John Sheppard icons

20 John Sheppard icons for stargate20in20
8 alternates

*you are welcome to use them
*credit is nice
*comments are awesome

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63 Marley Rose icons

I made these for [personal profile] shadowcat/[profile] not_from_stars but others are welcome to use them.

As always, credit is lovely and comments are fab ♥

I have this problem. I always assume the best in people.Collapse )

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Stargate SG1 Icons

20 for stargate20in20 of 10x08 Memento Mori
7 alternates/extras

As always, feel free to use. Credit is nice. Comments/Concrit are fab.

I just think it"s funny how you"re always losing your pantsCollapse )


Trope Bingo Card

Gonna give this a shot!

[community profile] trope_bingo

my cardCollapse )

I see a couple of easy bingos for me :) The only one on here that I'm kind of uncomfortable with is the slave one.

Trope Definitions for my reference

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Avengers Icons

Getting my groove back! These are for inspired20in20

Feel free to use! Credit is nice. Feedback is AWESOME.

I don"t see how that"s a partyCollapse )

20 icons of Vala Mal Doran (Stargate: SG1)

This is the first time in like 8 months that I've made icons! These are for stargate20in20. Feedback is lovely and feel free to use :)

Where"s My Daniel?Collapse )


icon dump - ncis

+ you are welcome to use these!
+ credit is always lovely
+ comments/feedback are love
+ most of these were made 1+ years ago and they are not necessarily my best work :)

mostly Ziva & Abby but some general as wellCollapse )


icon dump - glee

+ you are welcome to use these!
+ credit is always lovely
+ comments/feedback are love
+ most of these were made 1+ years ago and they are not necessarily my best work :)

various glee iconsCollapse )


icon dump - leverage

+ you are welcome to use these!
+ credit is always lovely
+ comments/feedback are love
+ most of these were made 1+ years ago and they are not necessarily my best work :)

various leverage iconsCollapse )


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